Final Thought…

Hello blog lovers,

As most of you know that the semester is almost over, which means this will be my last blog discussing Social Media. This week I am going to discuss what I have learned about social media, and about the course Social Media and Emerging Technology.

Beginning of the semester sitting in Social Media and Emerging Technology class, I wondered why there’s a class about social media, what does it have to do with business? But now I know why, and each week I have learned new things, and got a better idea on why this class could help you in the future. Social Media and Emerging Technology helped me to open my eyes on the different social media out there like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more.

My first blog was about what we thought Social Networking is all about. At first I thought I knew everything about how to use social media, and what it was. As I mentioned in my first blog I said that social media helps you stay connected with family and friends around the globe. But week after week my opinion had changed about what social networking is about.

I have learned about the different social media tools and how these tools can help you with your business. Also how we should always keep our content clean while we use any type of social media. We should keep it simple, neat, professional, error free, and clean so it doesn’t hurt you in the future. You shouldn’t use many social media at once in the business industry. If you have a business you should maybe use two or three so you can focus on them. If you use many social media tools you won’t be able to focus on all of them at the same time. Also, to always stay engaged with your customers and always keep them updated with your latest products and promotions. The social media helps the business a lot by giving you an idea on what your consumers are thinking about your products and business.

Searching your name in Google stood out to me the most because I have never knew before by entering your name into Google you can see if your name comes up first and if your pictures are on Google. I found it interesting that you can search yourself. Also I found it interesting how if someone wants to hire you they can search you on Google to know a little more about you, but there is a negative side to this, because they might mistake you for someone.

So by taking Social Media and Emerging Technology class helped me know what social media is, and what it can do for you, and for your business. I recommend for everyone if you have this course at your college or university to take it. Honestly it will help you understand social media a lot better.

I hope everyone have a safe holidays, and always keep in mind use your social media wisely, use it in a positive way, keep it clean and always check Google to see if your name comes up! 


Final Thought

Hello blog lovers,

As most of you know that the semester is almost over, which means this will be my last blog discussing Social Medias. This week I am going to discuss what I have learned about social media, and about the course Social Media and Emerging Technology.

Beginning of the semester, first class sitting in Social Media and Emerging Technology, I wondered why there’s a class about social media, what does it have to do with business? But now I know why, and each week I have learned new things, and got a better idea on why this class could help you in the future. Social Media and Emerging Technology helped me to open my eyes on the different social media out there like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more.

When I wrote my first blog it was about the Social Networking, and I wrote about what I thought about the social networking. My whole idea was about how we can stay connected with family and friends all around the globe. Personally I th

I have learned about the different social media tools and how these tools can help you with your business. Also how we should always keep our content clean while we use any type of social media, we should keep it simple, neat, professional, error free, and clean so it doesn’t hurt you in the future. You shouldn’t use many social media at once in the business industry. If you have a business you should maybe use two or three so you can focus on them. If you use many social media you won’t be able to focus on all of them. Also, to always stay engaged with your customers and always keep them updated with your latest products and promotions. The social media helps the business a lot by giving you the idea on what your consumers are thinking about your products and business.

There are a lot of things about how to use social media for example I have never knew before by entering your name into Google you can see if your name comes up first and if your pictures are on Google. I found it interesting that you can search yourself. So by taking Social Media and Emerging Technology class helped me know what social media is, and what it can do for you, and for your business. I recommend for everyone if you have this course at your college or university to take it. Honestly it will help you understand social media a lot better.

I hope everyone have a safe holidays, and always keep in mind use your social media wisely, use it in a positive way, keep it clean and always check Google to see if your name comes up!

Social Media Measurement Tools

Hello Everyone,

It’s time for another blog, this week I am going to discuss three different social media measurement tools. The three different measurement tools are going to show us how it will be useful to the business. I am going to talk about the cons and pros for each measurement tools as well. I will write as much details as I can, to help you understand or have a better idea on these measurement tools. Personally I have never heard of social media measurement tools until this week in class. I am going to do some research on them and find out what they are, and how they work. The three different measurement tools I will be discussing are:

  1. Google Analytic
  2. Sysomos
  3. Radian6

Are you ready to learn about the three different measurement tools with me I listed above? Let’s do it!

First, I am going to discuss Google Analytic. Personally I have never used this before when I was doing some research on it, I found it very interesting and useful for your business. I am going to explain what it is, and how it works, and of course I will list the pros and cons. So, Google Analytic is a program (web based) which it records the activities on your website. I started to wonder, how does Google Analytic works?  I started to do more research on it. I found out that they use this special program called JavaScript. When you go on a website and it loads the web server sends out the information about the web visitor’s to Google analytic server. So, Google analyze helps you to see what insights are better, they give you that fresh insight to view how do the visitors come to your website, why do they keep coming back, and what interest them in your page.

The pros using this measurement tool are:

*Collects and analysis the numbers of the daily visitors.

*It locates geographic of the users on your website.

*On your website it’ll show you what the most popular pages are.

*How long do the visitors stay.

*What are they interested in the most.

The cons using this measurement tools are:

*The data is not always accurate.

I’ve always wanted to see how many visitors visit my blogs, and read them. Are they interested in what I am writing about? Do they get bored and go to someone else’s blog? But using this tool is what you can get from it. It shows you who’s visiting your website, and why are they interested.

There are six things Google analytic offers to help you make the business better. I am going to list three of them for an example:

  • Analysis Tool: It is a reporting platform; you can decide what data you want to see and share, also it lets you customize your reports. Here are some examples what this section can do:
    • “Real Time Reporting” which it shows you how many visitors are on your website and browsing around, if you have a new promotion on your website it’ll show if people are interested in it or not.
    • “Custom Reports” you will have access to any information you need in a seconds and lets you share reports that you want to share with others.
    • “Custom Variable lets you see how your customers are being engaged with your products and services, helps you understand them even better.
  • Content Analytic:it helps you to view and understand what parts are popular and going well, this will help you to create better things for your customers, how many visitors are visiting your site, and how long the customers stay on your site viewing it. Here are some examples what this section can do:
    • Site Speed Analysis” helps you to fix any slow speed happens on your website.
    • “In Page Analysis” lets you view how the customers on your site move so no negative things happen.
    • “Site Search” lets you keep your customers happy, if they can’t find what they are looking for and they go to search it, the site search will report that problem so you can view what they are looking for and help.

Social Reports: it helps you to measure all the impacts that happen in your social media and what kind of impact has on your conversions and goals in your business. This provides with a social media activities and it analysis the data which it shows you with a holistic view of the content and community. Here are some examples what this section can do:

    • Measure the impact of social media”, which it shows you the conversion rates from each of your social media tools.
    • Learn which social sources refer engaged visitors” it lets you view the visitors and what they are most interested in, what have they most looked at.
    • Discover what your visitors are sharing and where they are sharing it”, It let you view which content are being shared on your website.

The other three are Advertising, Conversion, and Mobile.

Google analytic will help you with your business because you get to see how many people visits your website, how many are on it, what is your most popular page. What are the customers sharing with others. It helps the owner to stay engaged with their customers to make their customers happy. Google analytic offers so many things for the owner to help to make the business even better. I would use it for my site; it will help me to see what I can do to keep the customers to come back. It lets you analysis your reports, and services. It will also help you to keep the customers stay positive, and entertained on your site. I found this website the most interesting tool to use because on the Google analytic site they provide you so much explanation on how it can be useful and how it can help you with the business.

Second, I am going to discuss Sysomos. I did some research on this tool, and I also found it very interesting. It doesn’t provide a lot of information like Google analytic but I did find this a useful to use. Sysomos is a social media analytic’s site which helps the business by giving it a different look in social media world. It helps the business industry, advertisers, and marketers, to gain the knowledge to help them in their business to meet their goals. Sysomos helps by giving the company to make the right and the smart decisions.

When I was reading about Sysomos, I thought to myself, there are many pros. Here they are:

**Sysomos provides the unlimited access to the social media, it collects the information for you and it shows you the conversations, by collecting the data on twitters, blogs, social networks etc.

**Shows you and let you see what is going on.

**Why it’s happening.

**Who is involved in the conversation.

**What kind of tone is being used.

**Shows you location.



**Help you to improve your business.

**They help you to make your brand even better and to meet your needs.

**Manage your social media tools.

I don’t see any cons using this kind of social media measurement tool. I think this website is very interesting and helpful. The products of Sysomos that provides you a MAP (which it was updated to the latest version in June 2008); it stands for Media Analysis Platform. This is for the business intelligence for the social media. They also offer heartbeat it is a monitoring and measurement which it instantly updates you with conversation around the globe that is happening in the social media.

Using Sysomos for your business it would be useful and helpful. Personally I found this website so easy and simple to use. This tool helps you to stay on topic and to stay positive to reach your goals towards your business. I think any website should use Sysomos; they wouldn’t get confused using this tool. It helps them with their brands of their company to be successful. If the business wants to see what kind of conversation going on about their company, they could simply by one click using this tool to see the conversations. Sysomos will help the business to grow and helps the company to stay on track and managing their social media tools and keeping them neat and simple. But wait, that doesn’t end here, Sysomos analysis the locations, gender and ages, that way you will know who’s your target audience are.

Here is a video about Sysomos:

Finally I am going to discuss the last point, which it is Radian6. I found this interesting as well; they help companies with their brands, and stay connected with the customers. Radian6 offer full service, they have about 100 companies, 3,000 customers with them today, and eight global advertisers. They also offer many things to the companies to help them out. Radian6, combine about two market leaders, they are Salesforce Buddy Media, and Salesforce Radian6, which it creates their website Salesforce Marketing Cloud. On their “about us” page they go into details which I found interesting because they provide enough information to let others know what they can do to help. Radian6 help you to start building your business and community, they help you to see what the customers intention is.

The pros for Radian6 are:

*Help the businesses to listen to what others are saying about your brand.

*Engage with their customers make sure the business is engaging the right way with their audience.

*Measure their social media by helping you to see what is popular and what is not.

*Let’s you see the conversation that is happening.

*Let’s you discover and explore other demographics.

I also, didn’t see any cons on this kind of measurement tool, I think it is very interesting and simple to use. They offer so much to help others to stay on top and to meet their business needs.

If you ever want to stay connected with Radian6, and stay on top with their news, you can subscribe to them on:





Slide shares

Here is a video for Radian6:

I think this is very helpful to use in a business, I would also use this for my business if I ever had one. The more I read about it, I discover more things about it, get interested and learn about it. This type of measurement tool is so simple, and the business can always stay connected with them for help. If a business uses Radian6, they will meet their business needs because the things they offer are so important for a business. Radian6 will help companies, advertisers, and many more to stay engaged with their customer in a positive way. They help them to see what their customers or competitors are saying about them. Also it helps the business to see or discover their demographic to see who are their target audiences are. With all that help it could help the business to grow better, and meet their goals and be successful.

This week after I did my research on social media measurement tool, I have learned so much, I never knew social media is being this influenced on the business industry. The three points I have discussed showed me how measurement tools could do so much to help the business grow. I have tried to provide to you guys as much information as I could to help you realize how these three tools could be helpful to your business. Personally I never knew there was tools out there on the net help companies be successful and keep them on track. I choose Google analytic, Sysomos, and Radein6, could be a helpful tools for your business. The three of them are very interesting, and they do help you with your company to grow, to stay on track, helps you to see who your target audience are. These tools have a lot in common; they do provide you the same kind of information for your business.

You might ask yourself, what is the benefit to use social media measurement tools? Well you could see who your target audience is; it allows you to see who is engaging with your services/brands. It will provide you information on what grabs your customer’s attention to your content. It will also provide information on who are the influencers on your brands or service. You get reach out more to your customers, and help you to create a positive message to your customers.

A little extra for you guys, I found this website I thought it would help you out more to help you to grow your business!

5 ways to use social data to grow your business:

A little video as well, this is about a social media benefits the entire company, it explains how happy customers could bring new people to your company, and how you could stay engaged with them. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this blog, until next time.




Extreme Promotional Material Business Plan

Hello Blog Lover’s,

As we all know social media is taking over around the globe, everyone is part of social media. Billions of people worldwide browse the internet every second of the day, connecting with businesses, family, strangers you name it. I wrote a blog on how Social Networking Takes Over if you haven’t read it yet, read it to have an idea. I explained how everyone uses social networking and how it could also help the business industry out.

So, it’s time to write another blog but this time is a little bit different from my other recent blogs. I hope the information that is provided helps or gives you a good idea on Social Medias Strategy which it helps businesses to know how to use social media. The business I am going to talk about called; Extreme Promotional Material. I will be discussing the business plan which includes mission, vision, goals, key message, target audiences, social media tools, and finally social media engagement strategy.

Like always I am going to give you background information about the business. Extreme Promotional Material is a business company they have been in the business for 15 years. They deal with personalized uniforms; also they offer promotional materials for businesses, and sport teams and so much more from hats, mugs, pens, t-shirts, and anything that comes to mind.

Let’s get started shall we? Enjoy.


Social Media Plan (Why & How):

 Many people think it is not important to plan before Using social media. Everyone should have a plan before starting using the tools, because you need the business to be successful and right. Using the right social media would not only just help the business, but it will also decrease their consumers growth. Using social media it will increase their sales too, because people will find out more about it. By using the social media tools such as Facebook, blogs, Instagram, or even having online shop it will boost up the sales, and they will get new customers as well. Using the social media’s could always help you to be focused on your plans, and goals. You don’t want to use a lot social media’s for your business because you could get distracted and so focused on one or two platforms and forget about the other one(s).

 Using social media is very important in the business industry because many people around the globe like to shop online and find new things. So, when you are done with planning out the business plan, and why you would want to use social media for your business, the second step you must know how you can use the social media such as blogs, Facebook, Instagram, or even your own online shop for your own advantages. Using social media plan you need to know how much time you want to spend on it, how to stay engaged with the consumers, and how much often you will be updating it. Let’s say Extreme Promotional Material going to make a Facebook page, they don’t need to update it every minute but they will need to stay engaged with the consumers and provide them enough information.


Extreme Promotional Material stands for offering the best personalize/designs for sport teams, and serve in schools and league teams in our communities. To us costumers come first; we offer excellent quality products and give our consumers the excellent service they deserve. Our employees will do anything to keep our customers happy and satisfied with the products. We offer the best prices in town. Our mission is also to expand our business, by using the social media we are hoping to reach out to the consumers, and get people to know who we are. We will personalize anything you could think of. Using the social media will give the company the opportunity to display our items and what we offer and also to reach out to the consumers and build the relationships with our consumers.  One of our missions is to ship worldwide, we want to expand more in Canada, and in other countries too.


 Extreme Promotional Material vision is to work in a positive environment through social media and in stores. We want everyone to know who Extreme Promotional Material is, and what we have to offer for the customers. We want to have a positive the attitudes towards everything, and our customers to feel happy with what we have to offer them. We work hard to reach our goals, and to stay engaged with the customers.

Extreme Promotional Material Goals are:

  •  To get positive feedback from the customers.
  • To keep all our customers happy with the personalized products.
  • To stay engaged with our customers throughout our journey.
  • Keep our customers satisfied with our products.
  • Increase our networks.
  • Increase our numbers of customers in social media and in stores.
  • To provide the best products.
  • To provide the best prices.
  • To be ready at all time.
  • To always stay positive.
  • Offer the best service.

 Key Messages:

Extreme Promotional Material has the best products quality. We want all our customers to be happy and satisfied with their purchase. We want to get our name out there. Extreme Promotional Material always has the best positive attitude and we are willing to work hard. If any customers are not happy with their purchase or have any other problems with our company please, contact us on Facebook, or on our online shop. We would happy to fix any problems and replace any products.

Target Audiences:

Extreme Promotional Material wants to reach out to everyone, there is no specific age. We are reaching out to all the elementary school, high schools, parents, business, teams, etc. Anyone who wants to have their own personalized material will be at our store, or online on our website. The things we offer to our customers are:

  • We offer T-shirts for the ones who likes play sports; we would customize their names on the back of the T-shirt, and their numbers on the back as well. Of course we will customize it the way our customer like it to be.
  • We offer to our customers who like to have personalized clothing like hats, t-shirts, sweaters just for fun. They’ll be styling and funky.
  • There’s also have calendars and mugs, we can have family pictures for each months, or have their idols on it. You just name it, and we’ll make it.
  • Ship worldwide.

And so much than that, you name it we make it.

There’s a lot business would like to have their logos on calendars, business cards, even some will have t-shirts to promote their businesses, and Extreme Promotional Material offers to do any of that to help the other businesses out. For parents they like to have pictures of their kids on calendars, mugs, t-shirts etc, we can make that happen to the parents and well offer them the best prices. Also for teams some coaches if they’re team wins the season game they would like to customize their own jackets with the school and their name on it, well we also offers that to any sport lovers and of course we’ll have good deals for them as well.

Social Media Tools: 

Extreme Promotional Material are planning on using Facebook, and having their own website for customers to shop online at home with just one click. Of course there are a lot more social media tools we can use but using these two for our business would probably be the best to expand into our both demographic.

We choice to have our own online shop because many people enjoy shopping online, some people don’t like to go out and shop. Some like to sit at home and take their time, especially they enjoy to take their time customizing their item. They could sit back, relax, drink their coffee and start to customize away. Our website will have a video to show the customers how to start, to give them the idea how the online shop works. We’ll have the t-shirts, mugs, calendars, pants, sweaters, hats, etc online so the customers can have a look at the different items we offer, and the prices included as well.

We choice Facebook because it is number one in social media. There are billions of people who use Facebook around the globe. We believe using this social media would help the business name to get “out there” and expand worldwide in social media. This is part of our mission, we want many customers to like our page, and have positive feedback on our timeline. On our page we will the link to our website, and have brief history about our business, and what we have to offer them. We’ll have the positive attitude and always be connected with our customers.

Social Media Engagement Strategy:

Extreme Promotional Material wants to achieve their goals, wants to be successful and expand worldwide. For the company using the online shop website, and Facebook will help the business to be where it is suppose to be. We will have advertising in our stores so the customers know we have Facebook, and online shop. We would also have a commercial about our business for example, we would show our store and then in the end say “like us on Facebook”, and “go to our online shop”. We would ask our customers to share our page, and get our website out there. Our plan is to always stay open about everything, and to always have the positive attitudes and connect with our customers.

On our website we would have different categories, like I mentioned before we would have our prices listed under our products. We would have a video to show the customers how to get started. The different categories could be

  • Hats
  • Mugs
  • Calendars
  • Clothing
    • Sweaters, pants, shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, jackets etc.

And much more than that, all you got to do is to name it and we will customize it for you!

On our online shop we will hire two people to work on the website and to update it. We will update the website every week. We would list all the colors we offer, and the sizes. Also on our website well provide information about shipping, and how much it will cost to ship outside of Canada. We’ll have contact information, and will reply right away to our customers. We’ll also have information on the return policies. Other things will include on our website is our plan, the mission statement, our responsibilities. Finally we will update our website every week to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

On our Facebook page, we will hire someone also to keep updating it every three days, post pictures of our items, or if any items are on sale, reply to the customers questions and comments, and to let our customers know what’s new in our online shop or in stores. Also we would have information about our company. We would also have fun contest on our timeline, the customers could get a free shipping worldwide, or get a free customize t-shirts. We’ll also have donation to help organizations.

Our tone on both social media that we are using would be friendly and always have positive responses. To us, our customers are number one, and we want them to be satisfied with their purchases. 


The two Social Medias the business company will be using Facebook, and online shop. Our shop is to everyone all ages from elementary schools, to high schools, to parents, to business etc. We are planning to have advertising in stores, commercials, in news papers, magazines you name it. We have donations to help others who need the money. We want to have all our customers worldwide to be satisfied and happy with their purchase and also be happy with our employees. We will always have a positive attitude and also let’s not forget we ship worldwide. Using the social media is very important, we are going to use it in a positive way, and have a plan on why and how to use it properly. We are hoping through social media to build strong relationships and become more engaged with our customers. We will update our Facebook page every three days, and our online shop every week to provide you with the best prices and products.

If a business wants to start using social media, they must have a plan, a vision of what they want to be successful with connecting with their consumers, if someone starts to use social media and had no idea how to connect with their costumers or don’t know how to use the social media tools it could end up being negative impact to their business. They must be engaged with their consumers at all time.

Here are two website to help you out with social media strategy. You will also have a better idea on how you should plan your business. 

Also, I hope this video helps as well.







Three ways to improve digital footprints & build a new personal brand

Hello blog lovers,

Here we are once again, blogging away with a brand new blog. This week I am going to discuss three different steps to improve my digital footprints and also to help me and you to build a new personal brand. For the past week in class we have been brainstorming on how we can improve our image on the internet. Many of you probably heard of what digital footprint is, but for those who don’t know, digital footprint is where you leave pictures, comments, videos etc on the internet where everyone around the globe can see (that includes your family and friend) on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube (if you have a channel), etc. The three social media I am going to discuss for the digital footprint are:

First I am going to explain what LinkedIn is, for those who don’t know LinkedIn is a networking community for business people, and for the business industry. I would like to improve on my online LinkedIn by updating it frequently, and use it more often. You would need a professional photo of yourself, so I would update my photo to a professional one. I would list my previous experience, and the skills I have, and add what field I have studied in. I would join pages on LinkedIn that will have something to do with my field that way I can meet new people.

LinkedIn is a good advantage to use because now most companies in the business industry use LinkedIn. Many of the companies don’t want a hard copy resume, they want to see LinkedIn. They will have a better idea on who you are, and will have an access to your online profile. They could see if you have any connections with other companies, how well you can use technology, and what skills you have etc. In this generation it’s all about social media and how well you could use technology.

The second topic I am going to talk about is Twitter; personally I recently just created my twitter account for Social Media and Emerging Technologies class. Since I have created my account I have been on it 24/7. Many things could happen on Twitter it could be positive or negative. Many people could tweet inappropriate things. Many could go on Twitter and rant about their day using negative words, which could have a huge impact on your repetition in the future. What I would do to make sure my Twitter page help me improve on my digital footprint. I would have a professional photo just like I mentioned before in my previous paragraph. I would make sure the photos I post on Twitter are appropriate, and the things I tweet are also appropriate and free spelling errors. I wouldn’t use any negative thoughts or something that I would regret in the future. I might also protect my tweets; that way not everyone will have an access to them. So I would take these steps to my advantages.

Twitter is one of the top social media that everyone uses. In business industry many are using twitter for example, TELUS, YMCA, Rogers, and Lululemon etc (the list could goes on). Now the business industry are involved in social media’s, because that way they could stay connected with the consumers, and it’s a good way to present their business. Here’s another example, if you’re working at YMCA and you fought with one of your boss. Later on you might tweet a negative or make rude tweet about your boss. The employees who work with you will probably see your tweet and they will probably go and show that person what you have said. This could cause you to lose your job.

Last step I am going to discuss is Facebook. This social media is number one, everyone around the globe use’s it, even small/big businesses have a page about their company, that’s how big Facebook is in this generation. For me I have always had a very private profile, no one can see anything on my profile except for friends, and family. I would take out any pictures of me, posts, status, comments, videos etc, which could hurt my reputation in the future. If you want to get in a good position with a company you must follow these steps. Since now there’s an image cover on the timeline, I would always choose appropriate and professional photo or no photo at all. Personally sometimes I have grammar errors and spelling, so sometimes I get a friend or anyone who is available to check my work over for me, because if a company wants to hire me, the employer might take a look at my page. If they see I have many spellings mistakes they might not hire me for that, so always look out for that because it is very important. Also if I became friends with my co-workers and they add me on Facebook, I wouldn’t want them to see any inappropriate things on my timeline because that could hurt my reputation at work.

Facebook is always changing their theme, and every time it changes your Facebook profile goes back to public. Anyone around the globe could see everything on your timeline. Facebook changes your privacy for you every time, so that’s why make sure you always check your privacy and make sure it is locked down. If you really want to stay in your job and have a good reputation you need to be careful on what you post on your timeline, especially pictures. If an employee adds you on Facebook, and was looking through your picture and they find inappropriate picture of you and shows it to the person higher than you, you could lose your job, and like I have said before hurt reputation.

Other step you can take just to help all the blog lovers out there is Google yourself. Recently I have learned researching yourself is very important. When you do research yourself you could see if there is anything that is hurting your reputation. If you apply for a job and the employee could Google your name in, they will either find really good things or bad things about you. That is why you should always research yourself frequently just to make sure you’re on top of things in a positive way.

The three steps I have talked about are very important to me, and I will always try to keep them up to date and also keep everything I post in a professional way. That way I could always make a good expression in the business industry world. I will make sure nothing negative ruins my image. I always research my name in Google, to see if I come up or not, of course I don’t want in the future anyone in the business industry to mistake me for someone else.

Using the three steps I have discussed are very important to keep them professional and up to date. Of course there are other social media tools you have to keep them professional as well, for example there is Instagram where you update your pictures, make sure they are appropriate and professional. Anything you post on the internet could either help you with your digital footprint or hurt you. It just all depends on how you choose to take these steps.

Using social media is not a bad thing; the message I am trying to send out to everyone is, just to be careful on what you post on the internet because anything you post, it could end up on Google, or any other social media tools. People could steal your pictures and maybe post them as a negative thing on the internet. It could hurt you in the future job position or even current job position. You also don’t want to have a much locked profile because when an employee research for you to see what you have done and they find nothing about you, they might mistake you for someone else. Also they could think you have no social life what so ever, and they might hire the other person instead of you. You just always have to be careful like I said before, it is very important to always have a positive and good reputation.

I found this video on YouTube, when I watched it I was so shocked in the end… Watch how people could know so much about you, and how you could protect your privacy. Enjoy…

Keeping up with the Latest Social Media Trends

Recently I have posted different blogs about social media’s tools with different information which all relate to the business industry and how social media can help businesses. This week I am going to discuss with all of you three different articles from three different websites. Let’s get started shall we? It’s so hard to keep up with the latest trends in the social media because everyday there are new emerging trends coming in. Any events that happen around the globe will always end up in the social media world. Social media has become very important in the business industry, but always remember it is important to keep the consumers updated and always try to offer them the best products, services, and so on. I am looking at three different websites they are: Mashable, Social Media Explorer, TechCrunch.

Before I get started with the first article from Mashable, I would like to share a little background information about it, so everyone can be familiar with the site and get an idea on how this website can be related to my recent blogs on the social media. Mashable was discovered in 2005, the headquarter’s are in New York City and their office is in San Francisco. Mashable has six million social media followers and twenty million visitors. Mashable has become the most active online news. Mashable also keeps up with the latest news resources for the connected generation around the globe.

In the recent week Hurricane Sandy was the top news in the social media, sadly it impacted many lives, businesses, homes, etc. The storm has destroyed many things but heroes will come along to help others during hard times like this. First article I am going to discuss was from Mashable, the article called “7 Ways to Help Victims of Super Storm Sandy Online” by Zoe Fox, posted on October 31st, 2012. This article interests me because they have shared photos from the sandy storm and you know what they say “a picture can tell a thousand words” which is one of the reasons why I thought it would interest other people as well. Across the Eastern Seaboard and Northeast nearly millions of people were injured, their homes were damaged and their electricity and water were out. The northeastern U.S and the Caribbean were hit by the largest diameter Atlantic Hurricane between the 24th of October to the 30th. There are seven organized campaigns Mashable has highlighted to those who were affected by the storm, and you could help them to raise the money to help the victims who are awaiting the return of their shelter, electricity and water. The seven campaigns are:

  • The Red Cross
  • The Salvation Army
  • AmeriCares
  • World Vision
  • Operation USA
  • International Medical Corps
  •  New York Blood Center

In the article it tells you how you could donate money to each organization, they posted the phone numbers for each and how much you could donate. For example, The Salvation Army anyone can donate ten dollars by sending a message through SMS  “STORM” to 80888, and if anyone was already a volunteer certified, they can sign up to help out.

The Social Media Explorer, is the second article I am going to discuss. I will now share with you the background information on this website. The Social Media Explorer is a social marketing strategy in which it produces company information to help further the business value. Social Media explorer has been a very successful businesses due to its very good customer services it provides for example, it offers unique consumer insights.

The second article from Social Media Explorer is called, “The Economics of Bad Outreach” by Mark Smiciklas, posted on November 1st, 2012. This article discusses the laziness of outreach in the economic. The author of the article received an email pitch which quickly made him question the lack of economics research. Now-a-days form letters, spam and automated emails that have the potential to erode the business value are not being properly addressed. The author has posted the email he got, but left out the company name. They also said that the company (which the author did not include), would help him to make the content marketing services more effective and special by creating visually appealing, and viral infographics, by doing that it would draw attention to the target audience. The email which was send does not make sense, it’s a standard pitch, and research wasn’t good enough because the company who sent out that email didn’t research enough to know that the author already used the infographics in his content marketing, and also wrote a book about infographics, so that makes their pitch fall flat. With the whole lazy approach has potential financial consequences, the author listed three areas where the consequences would appeal into. First Lost Sales, not having enough information or research could get them to lose revenue opportunities. Second Trust Erosion, if there isn’t enough caring when it comes to the outreach it will reflect the potential of a service problem. Third Negative WOM, many examples of organization are being used as a case studies which will highlight misleading, and poor outreach practice, and not everyone will share or have the same view as others. Then it gives outreach tips to help others here are some tips on how you can reach out to others.

  • You should always be honest
  • Do your research
  • Subscribe to blogs
  • Skim through the blogs
  •  Stream Twitter
  • Follow them if they are on Twitter

The last website were going to look at is TechCrunch. Let’s learn a little about this site, TechCrunch was found in June 2005. The networks of the website have over twelve million visitors and have more than thirty-seven million page viewers per month, and they have more than two million friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. This website reviews new internet products, breaking tech news and more.

This last article called, “After Hurricane Sandy, NY Start-ups Have to Find a Place to Get Back to Work” by Romain Dillet, on November 2nd, 2012. This article also talks about the hurricane that recently happened; leaving Manhattan in the dark with no electricity and no jobs forcing them to work in a Startup setting aside the disaster and getting the business back on track! Those companies can not risk a company wide blackout for a week. Ryan said, on Monday the office had lost power so they needed to figure out a way so they could keep on working. He explained how it was a challenge for them to get everyone together and communicate. They talked about what they should do on a day-by-day basis. He wondered “How do I get my business back on track when people are suffering, even only several blocks from me?” Than the author met Ryan Charles, CEO and co-founder of mobile product review Startup consumer.  His company and other co-working spaces are offering desks to work and Sandy co-working can help you find a company to take you in.

The three articles I have discussed in this blog could either help the business industry or hurt it. Sandy whether has hurt the some businesses for example it did some damage to companies like I mentioned before in the paragraph above. The employees couldn’t train the new co-workers, or even get to work because the power was out. The Hurricane has also destroyed millions of lives. There are ways to reach out to other businesses, but you must be smart about how to contact them, and to have the right information. You must have your full research before contacting others. You must think in a positive way to reach out for others, and what can you do to get your business out there and working, and what you have to offer. We should always think outside the box to get further in the life industry. Everything that happens around the globe and in the social media world will have an effect on us now and in the future.

Could Tumblr & Instagram help the business world?

In my last week blog I have discussed different types of video’s I would use to promote my business, and how I would engage with the audience. In this week blog, I am going to do the same but in a different way. I am going to discuss about two different social media tools to stay in touch with the audience and at the same time using them for the business. The two social media I am going to use are, Instagram and Tumblr. I am going to share with the all blog lover’s some information about the two different social media’s, what we can use them for (so everyone who don’t have an idea on how to use both), and finally I am going to share how I would use them for the business. Are you guys ready to learn about Instagram and Tumblr? Let’s go!!

Let’s get started with the first social media and that is Instagram. Personally I don’t know much about this social media and I am learning about it now just like everyone who is new to Instagram. I tried to use it once, but I got so confused and lost on how it works, but for now let us explore the Instagram world, and know some of the background information on this application. Instagram has 80 million users who are in love with this application; you can download for free on your Iphone, Androids, Blackberry, etc.  You can edit your photos and then with one click you share the beautiful photos with friends, you could also share them on Facebook as well. The application has different effects for your photos it will transfer your work into a beautiful piece of art. You could follow your friends on Instagram, you could also follow companies, and people all around the globe. Instagram has many features, for example instant sharing on Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc. there are unlimited photos upload, and interacting with your friends and family sending out pictures and receiving pictures back with comments and likes.



One of the best ways for the customers to stay following up with the company is Instagram. This application is a good way for marketing since it is free for everyone to use it on their phones and anyone can have access to the company information and know more about it. Some of the business companies which would include mine as well will have some customer’s feedback from giving their own ideas and comments on Instagram. For example, when my company have new idea’s and shared them on Instagram that way the customers or the followers could comment, like, and share the companies ideas, and if the ideas satisfied them. My business company is going to clothing line; I would share the new styles that just came into the store, share if there are any discounts, and promotions on Instagram. I would post the pictures and share them that way the customers could ALSO share them, comment and like them. Another example would be pictures of the store on the outside, and on the inside, and then I would have pictures of the employees interacting with the customers. Also what I can do is I could share pictures of the customers wearing our different styles; share what they have to say about the business. By sharing them my company will gain more and more customers since more people will see the new promotions and the news. Don’t worry, you will all find the store easily since we will post our maps and directions on Instagram. Go grab your phone and get the application!

As you can see in the photo the pictures got many likes, and comments. 

Since we are all done with Instagram let’s move on to the second social media and that is Tumblr. Let’s explore this application together. Tumblr was found in February 2007, the founder was David Karp, and the location is in New York City. They have created Tumblr in 12 different languages. the company has 103 employees, 34 billion posts, and 77.9 million blogs. While I was doing a background research and I found how many users are on Tumblr, all I can say is WOW! There are no other words. This social media lets you share so many things, for example you could share photos, music, videos, links, phone desktops etc. I personally love this application…oh did I mention it was a free application and you can get it on your phone! Tumblr is such an awesome application there are beautiful arts, and blogs etc. The list could go on and on about this application. Using this for the business would be such a helpful and useful tool for the business world.

Tumblr is a free way to get your business connected with the audience/customers. Using Tumblr to promote your business will help you get the customers attentions, and grabbing the audience attention is number one. Using this application is a good thing because you can market any services you wish, and you can add information to let others know about your company, you can post news about the business, and also share new products or services you have to offer for the customers. Let me share with you how I would use this free application to help me with the business, and to stay connected with the audience. As I mentioned before my business is a clothing line, so I would share a video on Tumblr about the store. For example I would video type the store on the inside, and give them a little tour. I would show them the staff room, where we would keep products etc. the other thing I would do is post pictures of different clothing, that way I would show the audience what’s hot for the season, share the prices as well. I would also, share tips on the clothing line, and post promotions, or discount that they could save and bring it to the store to get that discount. By doing all that the followers could simply re-blog the news, pictures, videos etc.

Using the two social media I discussed in my blog will be so good for any type of businesses out there. It will let the consumers to get their phone out open the application and see what is new about the business, if there was any ideas, or discounts, or new products, that way they don’t have to wait for a while to hear the news, or go to the store just to see if there is new products. A business that uses any types of social media tools to help their business get more consumers, and it they are reaching out more to their audience. Companies who do that will be on top of the business industry. By using social media’s tools they will always attract new customers, and will get even new customers. Using these tools or any other tools will help the business to get more noticeable and bigger.


Enjoy the Tumblr and Instagram Video.


Pet Pawsitive – Promoting the Online Videos

YouTube has the most entertaining videos, the company was discovered in February 2005, it let’s everyone around the world to discover, explore, watch and share theirs or other’s video creations. YouTube provides cross the globe to connect and get inspired/inspire others. YouTube give other’s a chance to be free and be creative, and it also gives them opportunities to have a job on the YouTube channel. This week in class we have discussed YouTube how making a scene online video will help the business industry, we also watched couple of videos for example we watched Old Spice internet responses“. In this week blog I am going to discuss Pet Pawsitive, and how would I use the online videos to promote my business, what will I do to get the customers attention etc.

 Pet Pawsitive is a business that offers varieties of many packages to the owner’s and to the owner’s pet needs. The business provides behavioral and psychological training for the pets and to their owners that includes the basic animal education obedience, service classes and rehabilitation. The business has two locations one in Belleville and the other one in Kingston. In each location there is a retail outlet that sells holistic pet foods, all natural pet food and training supplies. Even though Pet Pawsitive doesn’t sell any animals, but they do work really closely with the owner’s and their pets and the national shelters and the humane societies making sure they connected the owner’s and their pets with each other.  The business company is known for being super active in their own community, they hold events, fundraisers.

YouTube has many videos for the pet lovers out there around the world, so if any business promotes any kind of business video they could get many viewers that way they could promote their own business, and help other owners with their pets. Promoting business videos online could be in many ways. Couple of examples on how to promote business using online videos is that they could have back stage videos showing viewers how they set up and get ready for the video tape have blooper that always makes other’s laugh, they could have a in store discount/or promotions on products/services etc. One thing that all viewers really enjoy is the cute, funny, sweet animal video and I think everyone could agree on this one, for example like the video I posted in my blog on how the cat is being patient while the dog attacks the kitten.

In my video’s I would create all the things I have discussed in the previous paragraph, which will get the viewer’s attention quick. I chose those examples because that’s what viewers like to see, they enjoy watching funny, cute, sweet animals.Moreover, the pet owners will get to see visually on how the pet’s get trained and treated in the store. I mentioned before Pet Pawsitive have behavioral and psychological training, services classes so I would have behind the scene video demonstrating/showing the owner’s how we interact with the pet’s and show them what we have to offer. Other than the behind the scenes I would show how funny and cute the animals could be we will demonstrate how the staff would take care of the pets. I would offer them coupons/promotions on some products and since Pet Pawsitive sells all natural pet food I would have reviews on the products, and the services we offer. Finally I would show the viewers how the different events/ fundraising, and behind the scenes/ interviews with staff on how we stay connected with the national shelter, human societies and what happens while we are there.

Some of my videos would be starting out with a staff working with different animals, and demonstrating to the pet lover’s how we connect with their pet’s and what goes on while we are training the pets and how the staff are taking care of them. Then if there was a funny, sweet, cute moment between the staff and the pet then that would be part of the video showing them that their pets are not only training they are also having fun and being connected with the staff. Other thing that I would show in my video would be a product review’s on the all natural food for the pets, and give them tips on what is good for their pets, and what’s not good, and then I would give them a discount/promotion on the food products and our service. Also I would include behind the scenes on what goes on during the events, different interviews from the national shelter and human societies, and of course I would include in the end the bloopers to get the viewer’s to have a little bit of laughs.

In my opinion promoting business this way would help so many owners on how to stay connected with their pets.It won’t only help the viewers, but also it will help the business industry as well because when you demonstrate on how you are connecting with their pets and how you treat them they would come to your business because they might like what they see. Pet owners or any others they don’t want to just buy the product or leave their pets to you, they enjoy seeing what you have to offer them. The more you communicate with the viewers the more they would like to stay connected with your business and buy your services. When any type of business offer’s products reviews that get’s the viewers’ attention also they would understand and know more on the product and they wouldn’t be confused on what will be good for them or for their pets. Everyone enjoys a good laugh also, so by including bloopers they would get a good laugh.In addition, including behind the scene is a good idea because viewers loves to see or know what happens before we start filming, and personally I am one of those people who want to know what happens behind the scene, before the camera starts to roll.

Let’s talk Fashion on Facebook:

When it comes to fashion it’s my passion when someone mentions the word fashion, first thing come to my mind is fancy clothing with fancy shoes sitting with friends having a tea party. This week we are discussing a business using Facebook I am going to write about Suzy Shier personally I love to shop there I find they have really nice clothes. They have 48,612 likes on Facebook, and 302 have already spoken about their page. Suzy Shier page is not so creative, but they do a good job interacting with the customers, also they have job opportunities on their page and their slogan for it is “Stylish Career”, they also share their website on their page.

Let us know a little bit about the company on their Facebook page they have information about the store and the company overview. Suzy Shier opened their first store in 1966, now there are over 190 stores across Canada and the company is still growing and just getting better. The company offers such a great fashions at a good price, they have a collection of blouses, pants, tee’s sweaters, blazers etc. But wait, they don’t only sell fashion clothing they sell handbags, accessories, dresses and shoes. The company have new things in the store every week they also have special promotions for the customers for example they have 10 percent off their purchases for the whole year, they have coupons as well.

As you can see in the picture the company have up to 30 percent off on their clothing and sometimes they have 50 percent off.

Enough information about the company let’s discuss how they are engage with their customers in my opinion I think they interact with them very well, but recently I think they aren’t reaching with the customers very well because they’re last update was on Friday and not replying to others post like before, for example someone have posted on their page that they have a problem with the site but no one have answered her yet. But other than that they are good with replying to others before. The only reason I like how they interact with their customers is that they reply in French and English, for example there was a lady who spoke to them in French, then they replied right away to her in French.

They let others know what is going in their store’s.

Something else I like about their page is their offers/discounts to their customers, for example if you spend 25 dollars or more ordering online on their website they are offering them 5 dollars shipping ONLY. Also there is another offer I liked it was if they spend 75 dollars they will get 25 percent off their purchase and on top of that they could use their Suzy Shier 10 percent off card. I also liked their donation to women’s cancer another good example is, every new fan on their Facebook page they would donate 1 dollar to the women’s cancer. Suzy Shier doesn’t only let us know what’s hot and what’s not, they offer contest as well personally I entered their contest if you like their page and fill out the form they provide they give away 500 dollars gift card and a Nivea product basket.

As you can see here is the 5 dollar shipping promotion.

Here’s the 25 % off

One last thing I want to talk about is their job opportunities they are offering others jobs for example they posted on their Facebook they are looking for managements and assistance. I think it’s great to give job opportunities to others they also include what they are looking for in the management area, and in what city they are offering this position in etc. Also they are offering good salaries, best sale bonus in their industry. 

Donation to the women cancer 

In my opinion I really liked their page, and I think they have used it very well engaging with others, having the special offers, discounts, and donation. I really liked how they offer others jobs, and I really liked how they reply either in French and English it shows that they care about their customers, and want them happy as well. They have photos and on their photos they show what in the season and what is not.

The Contest Picture

Lulu-lemon has the comfiest yoga pants

Many companies use social media to stay connected with their clients, and by staying in touch with the customers their company gets better and better, so this week in my blog I want to discuss about how Lulu-lemon is on twitter and how are they using their account to engage with others. Are they giving them good advice’s. Lulu-lemon sells athletic clothing like yoga pants, sweaters, t-shirts etc… many customers find their clothing very comfortable. They have been in business for twenty years they first opened in 1998 in Vancouver BC on the beach. The whole idea of the store was to be a community to connect with people to discuss diets, discuss on how people could live a healthy life from doing yoga.

In this generation every company, business, or brand use twitter, Facebook, YouTube to stay engage with the customers, to market their product to get feedback’s on their products and customers opinion. Lulu-lemon is one of them on their twitter page they have 34,585 tweets, they’re following 102,995, and they have 312,119 followers. They’re twitter page is creative, they have pictures of their stores, customers, their clothing etc… they have a photo day challenge where customers share their pictures wearing Lulu-lemon clothing.

Lulu-lemon last update was on September 28th 2012, even though they haven’t tweeted in few days but they do keep the readers up to date by looking at their twitter page I saw couple of tweets about their clothing, they even do live streaming, they ask customers to join them and that way they could chat it up with them which I find is fun thing to do. They tweet about new diets they even have diets for vegetarians. On twitter Lulu-lemon have links to their articles/blogs giving advice’s on health.

In my opinion I like their twitter page, I think it’s creative and I liked the whole live stream idea it’s a good idea to get even closer with their clients and personally I love their clothing specially their yoga pants they are so comfy, even though they are a little bit expensive but I think it is worth it. Lulu-lemon are engaging with others well; like I said before by going live to talk with everyone shows that they do care about their customers, they have blogs to give others advice’s, and lets not forget they have the thirty day photo challenge which I find is neat thing to do.