Pet Pawsitive – Promoting the Online Videos

YouTube has the most entertaining videos, the company was discovered in February 2005, it let’s everyone around the world to discover, explore, watch and share theirs or other’s video creations. YouTube provides cross the globe to connect and get inspired/inspire others. YouTube give other’s a chance to be free and be creative, and it also gives them opportunities to have a job on the YouTube channel. This week in class we have discussed YouTube how making a scene online video will help the business industry, we also watched couple of videos for example we watched Old Spice internet responses“. In this week blog I am going to discuss Pet Pawsitive, and how would I use the online videos to promote my business, what will I do to get the customers attention etc.

 Pet Pawsitive is a business that offers varieties of many packages to the owner’s and to the owner’s pet needs. The business provides behavioral and psychological training for the pets and to their owners that includes the basic animal education obedience, service classes and rehabilitation. The business has two locations one in Belleville and the other one in Kingston. In each location there is a retail outlet that sells holistic pet foods, all natural pet food and training supplies. Even though Pet Pawsitive doesn’t sell any animals, but they do work really closely with the owner’s and their pets and the national shelters and the humane societies making sure they connected the owner’s and their pets with each other.  The business company is known for being super active in their own community, they hold events, fundraisers.

YouTube has many videos for the pet lovers out there around the world, so if any business promotes any kind of business video they could get many viewers that way they could promote their own business, and help other owners with their pets. Promoting business videos online could be in many ways. Couple of examples on how to promote business using online videos is that they could have back stage videos showing viewers how they set up and get ready for the video tape have blooper that always makes other’s laugh, they could have a in store discount/or promotions on products/services etc. One thing that all viewers really enjoy is the cute, funny, sweet animal video and I think everyone could agree on this one, for example like the video I posted in my blog on how the cat is being patient while the dog attacks the kitten.

In my video’s I would create all the things I have discussed in the previous paragraph, which will get the viewer’s attention quick. I chose those examples because that’s what viewers like to see, they enjoy watching funny, cute, sweet animals.Moreover, the pet owners will get to see visually on how the pet’s get trained and treated in the store. I mentioned before Pet Pawsitive have behavioral and psychological training, services classes so I would have behind the scene video demonstrating/showing the owner’s how we interact with the pet’s and show them what we have to offer. Other than the behind the scenes I would show how funny and cute the animals could be we will demonstrate how the staff would take care of the pets. I would offer them coupons/promotions on some products and since Pet Pawsitive sells all natural pet food I would have reviews on the products, and the services we offer. Finally I would show the viewers how the different events/ fundraising, and behind the scenes/ interviews with staff on how we stay connected with the national shelter, human societies and what happens while we are there.

Some of my videos would be starting out with a staff working with different animals, and demonstrating to the pet lover’s how we connect with their pet’s and what goes on while we are training the pets and how the staff are taking care of them. Then if there was a funny, sweet, cute moment between the staff and the pet then that would be part of the video showing them that their pets are not only training they are also having fun and being connected with the staff. Other thing that I would show in my video would be a product review’s on the all natural food for the pets, and give them tips on what is good for their pets, and what’s not good, and then I would give them a discount/promotion on the food products and our service. Also I would include behind the scenes on what goes on during the events, different interviews from the national shelter and human societies, and of course I would include in the end the bloopers to get the viewer’s to have a little bit of laughs.

In my opinion promoting business this way would help so many owners on how to stay connected with their pets.It won’t only help the viewers, but also it will help the business industry as well because when you demonstrate on how you are connecting with their pets and how you treat them they would come to your business because they might like what they see. Pet owners or any others they don’t want to just buy the product or leave their pets to you, they enjoy seeing what you have to offer them. The more you communicate with the viewers the more they would like to stay connected with your business and buy your services. When any type of business offer’s products reviews that get’s the viewers’ attention also they would understand and know more on the product and they wouldn’t be confused on what will be good for them or for their pets. Everyone enjoys a good laugh also, so by including bloopers they would get a good laugh.In addition, including behind the scene is a good idea because viewers loves to see or know what happens before we start filming, and personally I am one of those people who want to know what happens behind the scene, before the camera starts to roll.


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