Final Thought…

Hello blog lovers,

As most of you know that the semester is almost over, which means this will be my last blog discussing Social Media. This week I am going to discuss what I have learned about social media, and about the course Social Media and Emerging Technology.

Beginning of the semester sitting in Social Media and Emerging Technology class, I wondered why there’s a class about social media, what does it have to do with business? But now I know why, and each week I have learned new things, and got a better idea on why this class could help you in the future. Social Media and Emerging Technology helped me to open my eyes on the different social media out there like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more.

My first blog was about what we thought Social Networking is all about. At first I thought I knew everything about how to use social media, and what it was. As I mentioned in my first blog I said that social media helps you stay connected with family and friends around the globe. But week after week my opinion had changed about what social networking is about.

I have learned about the different social media tools and how these tools can help you with your business. Also how we should always keep our content clean while we use any type of social media. We should keep it simple, neat, professional, error free, and clean so it doesn’t hurt you in the future. You shouldn’t use many social media at once in the business industry. If you have a business you should maybe use two or three so you can focus on them. If you use many social media tools you won’t be able to focus on all of them at the same time. Also, to always stay engaged with your customers and always keep them updated with your latest products and promotions. The social media helps the business a lot by giving you an idea on what your consumers are thinking about your products and business.

Searching your name in Google stood out to me the most because I have never knew before by entering your name into Google you can see if your name comes up first and if your pictures are on Google. I found it interesting that you can search yourself. Also I found it interesting how if someone wants to hire you they can search you on Google to know a little more about you, but there is a negative side to this, because they might mistake you for someone.

So by taking Social Media and Emerging Technology class helped me know what social media is, and what it can do for you, and for your business. I recommend for everyone if you have this course at your college or university to take it. Honestly it will help you understand social media a lot better.

I hope everyone have a safe holidays, and always keep in mind use your social media wisely, use it in a positive way, keep it clean and always check Google to see if your name comes up! 


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