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It’s time for another blog, this week I am going to discuss three different social media measurement tools. The three different measurement tools are going to show us how it will be useful to the business. I am going to talk about the cons and pros for each measurement tools as well. I will write as much details as I can, to help you understand or have a better idea on these measurement tools. Personally I have never heard of social media measurement tools until this week in class. I am going to do some research on them and find out what they are, and how they work. The three different measurement tools I will be discussing are:

  1. Google Analytic
  2. Sysomos
  3. Radian6

Are you ready to learn about the three different measurement tools with me I listed above? Let’s do it!

First, I am going to discuss Google Analytic. Personally I have never used this before when I was doing some research on it, I found it very interesting and useful for your business. I am going to explain what it is, and how it works, and of course I will list the pros and cons. So, Google Analytic is a program (web based) which it records the activities on your website. I started to wonder, how does Google Analytic works?  I started to do more research on it. I found out that they use this special program called JavaScript. When you go on a website and it loads the web server sends out the information about the web visitor’s to Google analytic server. So, Google analyze helps you to see what insights are better, they give you that fresh insight to view how do the visitors come to your website, why do they keep coming back, and what interest them in your page.

The pros using this measurement tool are:

*Collects and analysis the numbers of the daily visitors.

*It locates geographic of the users on your website.

*On your website it’ll show you what the most popular pages are.

*How long do the visitors stay.

*What are they interested in the most.

The cons using this measurement tools are:

*The data is not always accurate.

I’ve always wanted to see how many visitors visit my blogs, and read them. Are they interested in what I am writing about? Do they get bored and go to someone else’s blog? But using this tool is what you can get from it. It shows you who’s visiting your website, and why are they interested.

There are six things Google analytic offers to help you make the business better. I am going to list three of them for an example:

  • Analysis Tool: It is a reporting platform; you can decide what data you want to see and share, also it lets you customize your reports. Here are some examples what this section can do:
    • “Real Time Reporting” which it shows you how many visitors are on your website and browsing around, if you have a new promotion on your website it’ll show if people are interested in it or not.
    • “Custom Reports” you will have access to any information you need in a seconds and lets you share reports that you want to share with others.
    • “Custom Variable lets you see how your customers are being engaged with your products and services, helps you understand them even better.
  • Content Analytic:it helps you to view and understand what parts are popular and going well, this will help you to create better things for your customers, how many visitors are visiting your site, and how long the customers stay on your site viewing it. Here are some examples what this section can do:
    • Site Speed Analysis” helps you to fix any slow speed happens on your website.
    • “In Page Analysis” lets you view how the customers on your site move so no negative things happen.
    • “Site Search” lets you keep your customers happy, if they can’t find what they are looking for and they go to search it, the site search will report that problem so you can view what they are looking for and help.

Social Reports: it helps you to measure all the impacts that happen in your social media and what kind of impact has on your conversions and goals in your business. This provides with a social media activities and it analysis the data which it shows you with a holistic view of the content and community. Here are some examples what this section can do:

    • Measure the impact of social media”, which it shows you the conversion rates from each of your social media tools.
    • Learn which social sources refer engaged visitors” it lets you view the visitors and what they are most interested in, what have they most looked at.
    • Discover what your visitors are sharing and where they are sharing it”, It let you view which content are being shared on your website.

The other three are Advertising, Conversion, and Mobile.

Google analytic will help you with your business because you get to see how many people visits your website, how many are on it, what is your most popular page. What are the customers sharing with others. It helps the owner to stay engaged with their customers to make their customers happy. Google analytic offers so many things for the owner to help to make the business even better. I would use it for my site; it will help me to see what I can do to keep the customers to come back. It lets you analysis your reports, and services. It will also help you to keep the customers stay positive, and entertained on your site. I found this website the most interesting tool to use because on the Google analytic site they provide you so much explanation on how it can be useful and how it can help you with the business.

Second, I am going to discuss Sysomos. I did some research on this tool, and I also found it very interesting. It doesn’t provide a lot of information like Google analytic but I did find this a useful to use. Sysomos is a social media analytic’s site which helps the business by giving it a different look in social media world. It helps the business industry, advertisers, and marketers, to gain the knowledge to help them in their business to meet their goals. Sysomos helps by giving the company to make the right and the smart decisions.

When I was reading about Sysomos, I thought to myself, there are many pros. Here they are:

**Sysomos provides the unlimited access to the social media, it collects the information for you and it shows you the conversations, by collecting the data on twitters, blogs, social networks etc.

**Shows you and let you see what is going on.

**Why it’s happening.

**Who is involved in the conversation.

**What kind of tone is being used.

**Shows you location.



**Help you to improve your business.

**They help you to make your brand even better and to meet your needs.

**Manage your social media tools.

I don’t see any cons using this kind of social media measurement tool. I think this website is very interesting and helpful. The products of Sysomos that provides you a MAP (which it was updated to the latest version in June 2008); it stands for Media Analysis Platform. This is for the business intelligence for the social media. They also offer heartbeat it is a monitoring and measurement which it instantly updates you with conversation around the globe that is happening in the social media.

Using Sysomos for your business it would be useful and helpful. Personally I found this website so easy and simple to use. This tool helps you to stay on topic and to stay positive to reach your goals towards your business. I think any website should use Sysomos; they wouldn’t get confused using this tool. It helps them with their brands of their company to be successful. If the business wants to see what kind of conversation going on about their company, they could simply by one click using this tool to see the conversations. Sysomos will help the business to grow and helps the company to stay on track and managing their social media tools and keeping them neat and simple. But wait, that doesn’t end here, Sysomos analysis the locations, gender and ages, that way you will know who’s your target audience are.

Here is a video about Sysomos:

Finally I am going to discuss the last point, which it is Radian6. I found this interesting as well; they help companies with their brands, and stay connected with the customers. Radian6 offer full service, they have about 100 companies, 3,000 customers with them today, and eight global advertisers. They also offer many things to the companies to help them out. Radian6, combine about two market leaders, they are Salesforce Buddy Media, and Salesforce Radian6, which it creates their website Salesforce Marketing Cloud. On their “about us” page they go into details which I found interesting because they provide enough information to let others know what they can do to help. Radian6 help you to start building your business and community, they help you to see what the customers intention is.

The pros for Radian6 are:

*Help the businesses to listen to what others are saying about your brand.

*Engage with their customers make sure the business is engaging the right way with their audience.

*Measure their social media by helping you to see what is popular and what is not.

*Let’s you see the conversation that is happening.

*Let’s you discover and explore other demographics.

I also, didn’t see any cons on this kind of measurement tool, I think it is very interesting and simple to use. They offer so much to help others to stay on top and to meet their business needs.

If you ever want to stay connected with Radian6, and stay on top with their news, you can subscribe to them on:





Slide shares

Here is a video for Radian6:

I think this is very helpful to use in a business, I would also use this for my business if I ever had one. The more I read about it, I discover more things about it, get interested and learn about it. This type of measurement tool is so simple, and the business can always stay connected with them for help. If a business uses Radian6, they will meet their business needs because the things they offer are so important for a business. Radian6 will help companies, advertisers, and many more to stay engaged with their customer in a positive way. They help them to see what their customers or competitors are saying about them. Also it helps the business to see or discover their demographic to see who are their target audiences are. With all that help it could help the business to grow better, and meet their goals and be successful.

This week after I did my research on social media measurement tool, I have learned so much, I never knew social media is being this influenced on the business industry. The three points I have discussed showed me how measurement tools could do so much to help the business grow. I have tried to provide to you guys as much information as I could to help you realize how these three tools could be helpful to your business. Personally I never knew there was tools out there on the net help companies be successful and keep them on track. I choose Google analytic, Sysomos, and Radein6, could be a helpful tools for your business. The three of them are very interesting, and they do help you with your company to grow, to stay on track, helps you to see who your target audience are. These tools have a lot in common; they do provide you the same kind of information for your business.

You might ask yourself, what is the benefit to use social media measurement tools? Well you could see who your target audience is; it allows you to see who is engaging with your services/brands. It will provide you information on what grabs your customer’s attention to your content. It will also provide information on who are the influencers on your brands or service. You get reach out more to your customers, and help you to create a positive message to your customers.

A little extra for you guys, I found this website I thought it would help you out more to help you to grow your business!

5 ways to use social data to grow your business:

A little video as well, this is about a social media benefits the entire company, it explains how happy customers could bring new people to your company, and how you could stay engaged with them. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this blog, until next time.





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