Lulu-lemon has the comfiest yoga pants

Many companies use social media to stay connected with their clients, and by staying in touch with the customers their company gets better and better, so this week in my blog I want to discuss about how Lulu-lemon is on twitter and how are they using their account to engage with others. Are they giving them good advice’s. Lulu-lemon sells athletic clothing like yoga pants, sweaters, t-shirts etc… many customers find their clothing very comfortable. They have been in business for twenty years they first opened in 1998 in Vancouver BC on the beach. The whole idea of the store was to be a community to connect with people to discuss diets, discuss on how people could live a healthy life from doing yoga.

In this generation every company, business, or brand use twitter, Facebook, YouTube to stay engage with the customers, to market their product to get feedback’s on their products and customers opinion. Lulu-lemon is one of them on their twitter page they have 34,585 tweets, they’re following 102,995, and they have 312,119 followers. They’re twitter page is creative, they have pictures of their stores, customers, their clothing etc… they have a photo day challenge where customers share their pictures wearing Lulu-lemon clothing.

Lulu-lemon last update was on September 28th 2012, even though they haven’t tweeted in few days but they do keep the readers up to date by looking at their twitter page I saw couple of tweets about their clothing, they even do live streaming, they ask customers to join them and that way they could chat it up with them which I find is fun thing to do. They tweet about new diets they even have diets for vegetarians. On twitter Lulu-lemon have links to their articles/blogs giving advice’s on health.

In my opinion I like their twitter page, I think it’s creative and I liked the whole live stream idea it’s a good idea to get even closer with their clients and personally I love their clothing specially their yoga pants they are so comfy, even though they are a little bit expensive but I think it is worth it. Lulu-lemon are engaging with others well; like I said before by going live to talk with everyone shows that they do care about their customers, they have blogs to give others advice’s, and lets not forget they have the thirty day photo challenge which I find is neat thing to do.


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