Keeping up with the Latest Social Media Trends

Recently I have posted different blogs about social media’s tools with different information which all relate to the business industry and how social media can help businesses. This week I am going to discuss with all of you three different articles from three different websites. Let’s get started shall we? It’s so hard to keep up with the latest trends in the social media because everyday there are new emerging trends coming in. Any events that happen around the globe will always end up in the social media world. Social media has become very important in the business industry, but always remember it is important to keep the consumers updated and always try to offer them the best products, services, and so on. I am looking at three different websites they are: Mashable, Social Media Explorer, TechCrunch.

Before I get started with the first article from Mashable, I would like to share a little background information about it, so everyone can be familiar with the site and get an idea on how this website can be related to my recent blogs on the social media. Mashable was discovered in 2005, the headquarter’s are in New York City and their office is in San Francisco. Mashable has six million social media followers and twenty million visitors. Mashable has become the most active online news. Mashable also keeps up with the latest news resources for the connected generation around the globe.

In the recent week Hurricane Sandy was the top news in the social media, sadly it impacted many lives, businesses, homes, etc. The storm has destroyed many things but heroes will come along to help others during hard times like this. First article I am going to discuss was from Mashable, the article called “7 Ways to Help Victims of Super Storm Sandy Online” by Zoe Fox, posted on October 31st, 2012. This article interests me because they have shared photos from the sandy storm and you know what they say “a picture can tell a thousand words” which is one of the reasons why I thought it would interest other people as well. Across the Eastern Seaboard and Northeast nearly millions of people were injured, their homes were damaged and their electricity and water were out. The northeastern U.S and the Caribbean were hit by the largest diameter Atlantic Hurricane between the 24th of October to the 30th. There are seven organized campaigns Mashable has highlighted to those who were affected by the storm, and you could help them to raise the money to help the victims who are awaiting the return of their shelter, electricity and water. The seven campaigns are:

  • The Red Cross
  • The Salvation Army
  • AmeriCares
  • World Vision
  • Operation USA
  • International Medical Corps
  •  New York Blood Center

In the article it tells you how you could donate money to each organization, they posted the phone numbers for each and how much you could donate. For example, The Salvation Army anyone can donate ten dollars by sending a message through SMS  “STORM” to 80888, and if anyone was already a volunteer certified, they can sign up to help out.

The Social Media Explorer, is the second article I am going to discuss. I will now share with you the background information on this website. The Social Media Explorer is a social marketing strategy in which it produces company information to help further the business value. Social Media explorer has been a very successful businesses due to its very good customer services it provides for example, it offers unique consumer insights.

The second article from Social Media Explorer is called, “The Economics of Bad Outreach” by Mark Smiciklas, posted on November 1st, 2012. This article discusses the laziness of outreach in the economic. The author of the article received an email pitch which quickly made him question the lack of economics research. Now-a-days form letters, spam and automated emails that have the potential to erode the business value are not being properly addressed. The author has posted the email he got, but left out the company name. They also said that the company (which the author did not include), would help him to make the content marketing services more effective and special by creating visually appealing, and viral infographics, by doing that it would draw attention to the target audience. The email which was send does not make sense, it’s a standard pitch, and research wasn’t good enough because the company who sent out that email didn’t research enough to know that the author already used the infographics in his content marketing, and also wrote a book about infographics, so that makes their pitch fall flat. With the whole lazy approach has potential financial consequences, the author listed three areas where the consequences would appeal into. First Lost Sales, not having enough information or research could get them to lose revenue opportunities. Second Trust Erosion, if there isn’t enough caring when it comes to the outreach it will reflect the potential of a service problem. Third Negative WOM, many examples of organization are being used as a case studies which will highlight misleading, and poor outreach practice, and not everyone will share or have the same view as others. Then it gives outreach tips to help others here are some tips on how you can reach out to others.

  • You should always be honest
  • Do your research
  • Subscribe to blogs
  • Skim through the blogs
  •  Stream Twitter
  • Follow them if they are on Twitter

The last website were going to look at is TechCrunch. Let’s learn a little about this site, TechCrunch was found in June 2005. The networks of the website have over twelve million visitors and have more than thirty-seven million page viewers per month, and they have more than two million friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. This website reviews new internet products, breaking tech news and more.

This last article called, “After Hurricane Sandy, NY Start-ups Have to Find a Place to Get Back to Work” by Romain Dillet, on November 2nd, 2012. This article also talks about the hurricane that recently happened; leaving Manhattan in the dark with no electricity and no jobs forcing them to work in a Startup setting aside the disaster and getting the business back on track! Those companies can not risk a company wide blackout for a week. Ryan said, on Monday the office had lost power so they needed to figure out a way so they could keep on working. He explained how it was a challenge for them to get everyone together and communicate. They talked about what they should do on a day-by-day basis. He wondered “How do I get my business back on track when people are suffering, even only several blocks from me?” Than the author met Ryan Charles, CEO and co-founder of mobile product review Startup consumer.  His company and other co-working spaces are offering desks to work and Sandy co-working can help you find a company to take you in.

The three articles I have discussed in this blog could either help the business industry or hurt it. Sandy whether has hurt the some businesses for example it did some damage to companies like I mentioned before in the paragraph above. The employees couldn’t train the new co-workers, or even get to work because the power was out. The Hurricane has also destroyed millions of lives. There are ways to reach out to other businesses, but you must be smart about how to contact them, and to have the right information. You must have your full research before contacting others. You must think in a positive way to reach out for others, and what can you do to get your business out there and working, and what you have to offer. We should always think outside the box to get further in the life industry. Everything that happens around the globe and in the social media world will have an effect on us now and in the future.


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