Let’s talk Fashion on Facebook:

When it comes to fashion it’s my passion when someone mentions the word fashion, first thing come to my mind is fancy clothing with fancy shoes sitting with friends having a tea party. This week we are discussing a business using Facebook I am going to write about Suzy Shier personally I love to shop there I find they have really nice clothes. They have 48,612 likes on Facebook, and 302 have already spoken about their page. Suzy Shier page is not so creative, but they do a good job interacting with the customers, also they have job opportunities on their page and their slogan for it is “Stylish Career”, they also share their website on their page.

Let us know a little bit about the company on their Facebook page they have information about the store and the company overview. Suzy Shier opened their first store in 1966, now there are over 190 stores across Canada and the company is still growing and just getting better. The company offers such a great fashions at a good price, they have a collection of blouses, pants, tee’s sweaters, blazers etc. But wait, they don’t only sell fashion clothing they sell handbags, accessories, dresses and shoes. The company have new things in the store every week they also have special promotions for the customers for example they have 10 percent off their purchases for the whole year, they have coupons as well.

As you can see in the picture the company have up to 30 percent off on their clothing and sometimes they have 50 percent off.

Enough information about the company let’s discuss how they are engage with their customers in my opinion I think they interact with them very well, but recently I think they aren’t reaching with the customers very well because they’re last update was on Friday and not replying to others post like before, for example someone have posted on their page that they have a problem with the site but no one have answered her yet. But other than that they are good with replying to others before. The only reason I like how they interact with their customers is that they reply in French and English, for example there was a lady who spoke to them in French, then they replied right away to her in French.

They let others know what is going in their store’s.

Something else I like about their page is their offers/discounts to their customers, for example if you spend 25 dollars or more ordering online on their website they are offering them 5 dollars shipping ONLY. Also there is another offer I liked it was if they spend 75 dollars they will get 25 percent off their purchase and on top of that they could use their Suzy Shier 10 percent off card. I also liked their donation to women’s cancer another good example is, every new fan on their Facebook page they would donate 1 dollar to the women’s cancer. Suzy Shier doesn’t only let us know what’s hot and what’s not, they offer contest as well personally I entered their contest if you like their page and fill out the form they provide they give away 500 dollars gift card and a Nivea product basket.

As you can see here is the 5 dollar shipping promotion.

Here’s the 25 % off

One last thing I want to talk about is their job opportunities they are offering others jobs for example they posted on their Facebook they are looking for managements and assistance. I think it’s great to give job opportunities to others they also include what they are looking for in the management area, and in what city they are offering this position in etc. Also they are offering good salaries, best sale bonus in their industry. 

Donation to the women cancer 

In my opinion I really liked their page, and I think they have used it very well engaging with others, having the special offers, discounts, and donation. I really liked how they offer others jobs, and I really liked how they reply either in French and English it shows that they care about their customers, and want them happy as well. They have photos and on their photos they show what in the season and what is not.

The Contest Picture


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