YMCA Calgary


Social Media

Due Date: Sunday 23rd, 2012

Assignment # 2

YMCA Calgary started back in 1902, in Maclean block downtown, first they started out slow by opening a library, they had classes, and public reading rooms for young boys/men; they only had 125 members at that time. Seven years later in 1909 YMCA first building was opened in Calgary which now is known as the Central Y. Years after years YMCA got bigger, later on they had camps, equipments, they had men’s club, girls club, they had different campaigns for example they had a “The Growing Strong Together campaigns” and they reached their 10 million goal in 2007.  In 2008 the YMCA created “Green Team” which it will help the organizations to become environmentally friendly. Now in 2012 YMCA will open a new Calgary health region campus, they want to focus on health and wellness. In this blog I am going to discuss how YMCA is using their own blogs, how they’re using other social networks, and what kind of services they offer.

YMCA Calgary use’s their blog very well, they frequency updated it mostly every day, they have different sections on their blog site, they have a blog for locations, camps, and life at the YMCA. In the location blog they update others on what’s going on in their location for example, if they have a new location they would update others in that community so they know where it is. In the camp section they updated others also on what will go on while camping, they have two different camps one is “Camp Chief Hector YMCA” and the other one is “Camp Riveredge YMCA”. Finally the other section is life at the YMCA; in this section they have different blogs for kids, youth, and adults. As I was reading through the blogs in each section, I don’t see any difference’s, all of the section I discussed has the same news, they are repeating them just in a different blog section. YMCA does engage with the readers by updating them frequency letting them know what is going on in the camps, how they could stay fit and healthy. They connect very well if you go to their website and go through it you will see the updates, their history, careers and volunteers etc. YMCA does not only uses blogs to stay connected, they have a Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. They have pictures, updates, videos, and deadline for certain things on Facebook, on twitter they have also pictures, they reach out with others, updated their tweets frequency, on YouTube they have camps tour, health videos, work out videos etc, finally on Pinterest they have posts, pictures, etc. Finally I am going to discuss one last thing.. I am going to talk about what services they offer, YMCA offers many services for example they offer a daycare, babysitting, personal training, private swim lessons etc. All the prices are also included on the website for the services.. they babysit your child while you work out, you have up to 2.5 hours, in the daycare they help your children to discover new things. YMCA offers many things for you and for your children, and helps the community out a lot.

I was really surprised when I read about YMCA, I didn’t know they have so much to offer, and how much they are helping the community out, they have donations, special events, and they have all that on their website with one click you could know everything about YMCA. In my opinion I didn’t see any weakness with communicating with everyone, they updated frequency, they post when special events happens, they let the reader’s know what’s going on in the YMCA and outside the YMCA. They are always trying to make the community better, and help others stay fit and healthy.



Social Networking has been around for thirty years, and everyone around the world is enjoying it because, it easy and accessible to stay connected with families, friends, clients, etc. Back in the days before the internet was invented everyone couldn’t reach out to others, who live in a different country but now since internet was made everyone could reach to others in a click of a button. Each year generations are changing and people are becoming more addictive to the social media, since they could access to any social media you could think off at any time they want, they haven’t been active as they have been before, and not putting the effort to have a normal conversation without any technology around them. They either go on Facebook, twitter, on their phone texting each other etc… Social networking is taking over because it has become their addiction. The purpose of this blog is to show how the whole Social Networking is taking over, but there is a positive and negative side to it for example; positive side it made it better in the business industry, more people could connect with others around the world, but the negative side now a days we see toddlers with Ipad in the classrooms, or at home, playing videos games on the internet, or watching shows on YouTube etc.

Social networking could have positive and negative side to it, let’s discuss the positive side towards networking, it made the business industry a lot better, the employees can get to their customers, they could advertise their products on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. When companies advertise their products that way, the business companies could provide information about their own company to get the customers or any other companies to have an idea about their services, that way the customers could give the companies feedbacks on their items they are selling, or feedbacks about the company, employees etc. Other positive side to it, people could connect to family, and friends with one click for free. Family and friends now stay more connected by communicating more on Facebook, twitter, Skype etc… they could share pictures, update status, share files, the list could go on; on what everyone could do in the social network. But the negative side to this, people don’t communicate in person anymore, they are always on their phones on twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Parents are letting their children have Ipad’s, cell phones, creating Facebook and twitters accounts. We see in classrooms teacher’s letting toddler’s using Ipad’s. Children now a day prefer to stay inside on the internet on YouTube, playing games on Facebook, or any other site. Even grown ups are not being active enough and being addicted to networking.

Let’s be honest here, social networking is taking over, and everyone is addicted to it… I’m one of them; I am always on Facebook, twitter, Skype and all that good stuff because that’s how I can stay connected with my family and friends. It’s not a bad thing to use any kind of social network, there’s a positive side and a negative side to it like I mentioned before. It’s good to use it because it helps business grow better and we can communicate with others around the world, BUT let’s not forget how children are using the networks staying on YouTube watching videos or creating account on Facebook etc, instead of them going outside and enjoying outside have a fresh air. Social networks are part of our lives now, and we can’t deny it.

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