Three ways to improve digital footprints & build a new personal brand

Hello blog lovers,

Here we are once again, blogging away with a brand new blog. This week I am going to discuss three different steps to improve my digital footprints and also to help me and you to build a new personal brand. For the past week in class we have been brainstorming on how we can improve our image on the internet. Many of you probably heard of what digital footprint is, but for those who don’t know, digital footprint is where you leave pictures, comments, videos etc on the internet where everyone around the globe can see (that includes your family and friend) on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube (if you have a channel), etc. The three social media I am going to discuss for the digital footprint are:

First I am going to explain what LinkedIn is, for those who don’t know LinkedIn is a networking community for business people, and for the business industry. I would like to improve on my online LinkedIn by updating it frequently, and use it more often. You would need a professional photo of yourself, so I would update my photo to a professional one. I would list my previous experience, and the skills I have, and add what field I have studied in. I would join pages on LinkedIn that will have something to do with my field that way I can meet new people.

LinkedIn is a good advantage to use because now most companies in the business industry use LinkedIn. Many of the companies don’t want a hard copy resume, they want to see LinkedIn. They will have a better idea on who you are, and will have an access to your online profile. They could see if you have any connections with other companies, how well you can use technology, and what skills you have etc. In this generation it’s all about social media and how well you could use technology.

The second topic I am going to talk about is Twitter; personally I recently just created my twitter account for Social Media and Emerging Technologies class. Since I have created my account I have been on it 24/7. Many things could happen on Twitter it could be positive or negative. Many people could tweet inappropriate things. Many could go on Twitter and rant about their day using negative words, which could have a huge impact on your repetition in the future. What I would do to make sure my Twitter page help me improve on my digital footprint. I would have a professional photo just like I mentioned before in my previous paragraph. I would make sure the photos I post on Twitter are appropriate, and the things I tweet are also appropriate and free spelling errors. I wouldn’t use any negative thoughts or something that I would regret in the future. I might also protect my tweets; that way not everyone will have an access to them. So I would take these steps to my advantages.

Twitter is one of the top social media that everyone uses. In business industry many are using twitter for example, TELUS, YMCA, Rogers, and Lululemon etc (the list could goes on). Now the business industry are involved in social media’s, because that way they could stay connected with the consumers, and it’s a good way to present their business. Here’s another example, if you’re working at YMCA and you fought with one of your boss. Later on you might tweet a negative or make rude tweet about your boss. The employees who work with you will probably see your tweet and they will probably go and show that person what you have said. This could cause you to lose your job.

Last step I am going to discuss is Facebook. This social media is number one, everyone around the globe use’s it, even small/big businesses have a page about their company, that’s how big Facebook is in this generation. For me I have always had a very private profile, no one can see anything on my profile except for friends, and family. I would take out any pictures of me, posts, status, comments, videos etc, which could hurt my reputation in the future. If you want to get in a good position with a company you must follow these steps. Since now there’s an image cover on the timeline, I would always choose appropriate and professional photo or no photo at all. Personally sometimes I have grammar errors and spelling, so sometimes I get a friend or anyone who is available to check my work over for me, because if a company wants to hire me, the employer might take a look at my page. If they see I have many spellings mistakes they might not hire me for that, so always look out for that because it is very important. Also if I became friends with my co-workers and they add me on Facebook, I wouldn’t want them to see any inappropriate things on my timeline because that could hurt my reputation at work.

Facebook is always changing their theme, and every time it changes your Facebook profile goes back to public. Anyone around the globe could see everything on your timeline. Facebook changes your privacy for you every time, so that’s why make sure you always check your privacy and make sure it is locked down. If you really want to stay in your job and have a good reputation you need to be careful on what you post on your timeline, especially pictures. If an employee adds you on Facebook, and was looking through your picture and they find inappropriate picture of you and shows it to the person higher than you, you could lose your job, and like I have said before hurt reputation.

Other step you can take just to help all the blog lovers out there is Google yourself. Recently I have learned researching yourself is very important. When you do research yourself you could see if there is anything that is hurting your reputation. If you apply for a job and the employee could Google your name in, they will either find really good things or bad things about you. That is why you should always research yourself frequently just to make sure you’re on top of things in a positive way.

The three steps I have talked about are very important to me, and I will always try to keep them up to date and also keep everything I post in a professional way. That way I could always make a good expression in the business industry world. I will make sure nothing negative ruins my image. I always research my name in Google, to see if I come up or not, of course I don’t want in the future anyone in the business industry to mistake me for someone else.

Using the three steps I have discussed are very important to keep them professional and up to date. Of course there are other social media tools you have to keep them professional as well, for example there is Instagram where you update your pictures, make sure they are appropriate and professional. Anything you post on the internet could either help you with your digital footprint or hurt you. It just all depends on how you choose to take these steps.

Using social media is not a bad thing; the message I am trying to send out to everyone is, just to be careful on what you post on the internet because anything you post, it could end up on Google, or any other social media tools. People could steal your pictures and maybe post them as a negative thing on the internet. It could hurt you in the future job position or even current job position. You also don’t want to have a much locked profile because when an employee research for you to see what you have done and they find nothing about you, they might mistake you for someone else. Also they could think you have no social life what so ever, and they might hire the other person instead of you. You just always have to be careful like I said before, it is very important to always have a positive and good reputation.

I found this video on YouTube, when I watched it I was so shocked in the end… Watch how people could know so much about you, and how you could protect your privacy. Enjoy…


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