Could Tumblr & Instagram help the business world?

In my last week blog I have discussed different types of video’s I would use to promote my business, and how I would engage with the audience. In this week blog, I am going to do the same but in a different way. I am going to discuss about two different social media tools to stay in touch with the audience and at the same time using them for the business. The two social media I am going to use are, Instagram and Tumblr. I am going to share with the all blog lover’s some information about the two different social media’s, what we can use them for (so everyone who don’t have an idea on how to use both), and finally I am going to share how I would use them for the business. Are you guys ready to learn about Instagram and Tumblr? Let’s go!!

Let’s get started with the first social media and that is Instagram. Personally I don’t know much about this social media and I am learning about it now just like everyone who is new to Instagram. I tried to use it once, but I got so confused and lost on how it works, but for now let us explore the Instagram world, and know some of the background information on this application. Instagram has 80 million users who are in love with this application; you can download for free on your Iphone, Androids, Blackberry, etc.  You can edit your photos and then with one click you share the beautiful photos with friends, you could also share them on Facebook as well. The application has different effects for your photos it will transfer your work into a beautiful piece of art. You could follow your friends on Instagram, you could also follow companies, and people all around the globe. Instagram has many features, for example instant sharing on Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc. there are unlimited photos upload, and interacting with your friends and family sending out pictures and receiving pictures back with comments and likes.



One of the best ways for the customers to stay following up with the company is Instagram. This application is a good way for marketing since it is free for everyone to use it on their phones and anyone can have access to the company information and know more about it. Some of the business companies which would include mine as well will have some customer’s feedback from giving their own ideas and comments on Instagram. For example, when my company have new idea’s and shared them on Instagram that way the customers or the followers could comment, like, and share the companies ideas, and if the ideas satisfied them. My business company is going to clothing line; I would share the new styles that just came into the store, share if there are any discounts, and promotions on Instagram. I would post the pictures and share them that way the customers could ALSO share them, comment and like them. Another example would be pictures of the store on the outside, and on the inside, and then I would have pictures of the employees interacting with the customers. Also what I can do is I could share pictures of the customers wearing our different styles; share what they have to say about the business. By sharing them my company will gain more and more customers since more people will see the new promotions and the news. Don’t worry, you will all find the store easily since we will post our maps and directions on Instagram. Go grab your phone and get the application!

As you can see in the photo the pictures got many likes, and comments. 

Since we are all done with Instagram let’s move on to the second social media and that is Tumblr. Let’s explore this application together. Tumblr was found in February 2007, the founder was David Karp, and the location is in New York City. They have created Tumblr in 12 different languages. the company has 103 employees, 34 billion posts, and 77.9 million blogs. While I was doing a background research and I found how many users are on Tumblr, all I can say is WOW! There are no other words. This social media lets you share so many things, for example you could share photos, music, videos, links, phone desktops etc. I personally love this application…oh did I mention it was a free application and you can get it on your phone! Tumblr is such an awesome application there are beautiful arts, and blogs etc. The list could go on and on about this application. Using this for the business would be such a helpful and useful tool for the business world.

Tumblr is a free way to get your business connected with the audience/customers. Using Tumblr to promote your business will help you get the customers attentions, and grabbing the audience attention is number one. Using this application is a good thing because you can market any services you wish, and you can add information to let others know about your company, you can post news about the business, and also share new products or services you have to offer for the customers. Let me share with you how I would use this free application to help me with the business, and to stay connected with the audience. As I mentioned before my business is a clothing line, so I would share a video on Tumblr about the store. For example I would video type the store on the inside, and give them a little tour. I would show them the staff room, where we would keep products etc. the other thing I would do is post pictures of different clothing, that way I would show the audience what’s hot for the season, share the prices as well. I would also, share tips on the clothing line, and post promotions, or discount that they could save and bring it to the store to get that discount. By doing all that the followers could simply re-blog the news, pictures, videos etc.

Using the two social media I discussed in my blog will be so good for any type of businesses out there. It will let the consumers to get their phone out open the application and see what is new about the business, if there was any ideas, or discounts, or new products, that way they don’t have to wait for a while to hear the news, or go to the store just to see if there is new products. A business that uses any types of social media tools to help their business get more consumers, and it they are reaching out more to their audience. Companies who do that will be on top of the business industry. By using social media’s tools they will always attract new customers, and will get even new customers. Using these tools or any other tools will help the business to get more noticeable and bigger.


Enjoy the Tumblr and Instagram Video.



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