Extreme Promotional Material Business Plan

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As we all know social media is taking over around the globe, everyone is part of social media. Billions of people worldwide browse the internet every second of the day, connecting with businesses, family, strangers you name it. I wrote a blog on how Social Networking Takes Over if you haven’t read it yet, read it to have an idea. I explained how everyone uses social networking and how it could also help the business industry out.

So, it’s time to write another blog but this time is a little bit different from my other recent blogs. I hope the information that is provided helps or gives you a good idea on Social Medias Strategy which it helps businesses to know how to use social media. The business I am going to talk about called; Extreme Promotional Material. I will be discussing the business plan which includes mission, vision, goals, key message, target audiences, social media tools, and finally social media engagement strategy.

Like always I am going to give you background information about the business. Extreme Promotional Material is a business company they have been in the business for 15 years. They deal with personalized uniforms; also they offer promotional materials for businesses, and sport teams and so much more from hats, mugs, pens, t-shirts, and anything that comes to mind.

Let’s get started shall we? Enjoy.


Social Media Plan (Why & How):

 Many people think it is not important to plan before Using social media. Everyone should have a plan before starting using the tools, because you need the business to be successful and right. Using the right social media would not only just help the business, but it will also decrease their consumers growth. Using social media it will increase their sales too, because people will find out more about it. By using the social media tools such as Facebook, blogs, Instagram, or even having online shop it will boost up the sales, and they will get new customers as well. Using the social media’s could always help you to be focused on your plans, and goals. You don’t want to use a lot social media’s for your business because you could get distracted and so focused on one or two platforms and forget about the other one(s).

 Using social media is very important in the business industry because many people around the globe like to shop online and find new things. So, when you are done with planning out the business plan, and why you would want to use social media for your business, the second step you must know how you can use the social media such as blogs, Facebook, Instagram, or even your own online shop for your own advantages. Using social media plan you need to know how much time you want to spend on it, how to stay engaged with the consumers, and how much often you will be updating it. Let’s say Extreme Promotional Material going to make a Facebook page, they don’t need to update it every minute but they will need to stay engaged with the consumers and provide them enough information.


Extreme Promotional Material stands for offering the best personalize/designs for sport teams, and serve in schools and league teams in our communities. To us costumers come first; we offer excellent quality products and give our consumers the excellent service they deserve. Our employees will do anything to keep our customers happy and satisfied with the products. We offer the best prices in town. Our mission is also to expand our business, by using the social media we are hoping to reach out to the consumers, and get people to know who we are. We will personalize anything you could think of. Using the social media will give the company the opportunity to display our items and what we offer and also to reach out to the consumers and build the relationships with our consumers.  One of our missions is to ship worldwide, we want to expand more in Canada, and in other countries too.


 Extreme Promotional Material vision is to work in a positive environment through social media and in stores. We want everyone to know who Extreme Promotional Material is, and what we have to offer for the customers. We want to have a positive the attitudes towards everything, and our customers to feel happy with what we have to offer them. We work hard to reach our goals, and to stay engaged with the customers.

Extreme Promotional Material Goals are:

  •  To get positive feedback from the customers.
  • To keep all our customers happy with the personalized products.
  • To stay engaged with our customers throughout our journey.
  • Keep our customers satisfied with our products.
  • Increase our networks.
  • Increase our numbers of customers in social media and in stores.
  • To provide the best products.
  • To provide the best prices.
  • To be ready at all time.
  • To always stay positive.
  • Offer the best service.

 Key Messages:

Extreme Promotional Material has the best products quality. We want all our customers to be happy and satisfied with their purchase. We want to get our name out there. Extreme Promotional Material always has the best positive attitude and we are willing to work hard. If any customers are not happy with their purchase or have any other problems with our company please, contact us on Facebook, or on our online shop. We would happy to fix any problems and replace any products.

Target Audiences:

Extreme Promotional Material wants to reach out to everyone, there is no specific age. We are reaching out to all the elementary school, high schools, parents, business, teams, etc. Anyone who wants to have their own personalized material will be at our store, or online on our website. The things we offer to our customers are:

  • We offer T-shirts for the ones who likes play sports; we would customize their names on the back of the T-shirt, and their numbers on the back as well. Of course we will customize it the way our customer like it to be.
  • We offer to our customers who like to have personalized clothing like hats, t-shirts, sweaters just for fun. They’ll be styling and funky.
  • There’s also have calendars and mugs, we can have family pictures for each months, or have their idols on it. You just name it, and we’ll make it.
  • Ship worldwide.

And so much than that, you name it we make it.

There’s a lot business would like to have their logos on calendars, business cards, even some will have t-shirts to promote their businesses, and Extreme Promotional Material offers to do any of that to help the other businesses out. For parents they like to have pictures of their kids on calendars, mugs, t-shirts etc, we can make that happen to the parents and well offer them the best prices. Also for teams some coaches if they’re team wins the season game they would like to customize their own jackets with the school and their name on it, well we also offers that to any sport lovers and of course we’ll have good deals for them as well.

Social Media Tools: 

Extreme Promotional Material are planning on using Facebook, and having their own website for customers to shop online at home with just one click. Of course there are a lot more social media tools we can use but using these two for our business would probably be the best to expand into our both demographic.

We choice to have our own online shop because many people enjoy shopping online, some people don’t like to go out and shop. Some like to sit at home and take their time, especially they enjoy to take their time customizing their item. They could sit back, relax, drink their coffee and start to customize away. Our website will have a video to show the customers how to start, to give them the idea how the online shop works. We’ll have the t-shirts, mugs, calendars, pants, sweaters, hats, etc online so the customers can have a look at the different items we offer, and the prices included as well.

We choice Facebook because it is number one in social media. There are billions of people who use Facebook around the globe. We believe using this social media would help the business name to get “out there” and expand worldwide in social media. This is part of our mission, we want many customers to like our page, and have positive feedback on our timeline. On our page we will the link to our website, and have brief history about our business, and what we have to offer them. We’ll have the positive attitude and always be connected with our customers.

Social Media Engagement Strategy:

Extreme Promotional Material wants to achieve their goals, wants to be successful and expand worldwide. For the company using the online shop website, and Facebook will help the business to be where it is suppose to be. We will have advertising in our stores so the customers know we have Facebook, and online shop. We would also have a commercial about our business for example, we would show our store and then in the end say “like us on Facebook”, and “go to our online shop”. We would ask our customers to share our page, and get our website out there. Our plan is to always stay open about everything, and to always have the positive attitudes and connect with our customers.

On our website we would have different categories, like I mentioned before we would have our prices listed under our products. We would have a video to show the customers how to get started. The different categories could be

  • Hats
  • Mugs
  • Calendars
  • Clothing
    • Sweaters, pants, shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, jackets etc.

And much more than that, all you got to do is to name it and we will customize it for you!

On our online shop we will hire two people to work on the website and to update it. We will update the website every week. We would list all the colors we offer, and the sizes. Also on our website well provide information about shipping, and how much it will cost to ship outside of Canada. We’ll have contact information, and will reply right away to our customers. We’ll also have information on the return policies. Other things will include on our website is our plan, the mission statement, our responsibilities. Finally we will update our website every week to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

On our Facebook page, we will hire someone also to keep updating it every three days, post pictures of our items, or if any items are on sale, reply to the customers questions and comments, and to let our customers know what’s new in our online shop or in stores. Also we would have information about our company. We would also have fun contest on our timeline, the customers could get a free shipping worldwide, or get a free customize t-shirts. We’ll also have donation to help organizations.

Our tone on both social media that we are using would be friendly and always have positive responses. To us, our customers are number one, and we want them to be satisfied with their purchases. 


The two Social Medias the business company will be using Facebook, and online shop. Our shop is to everyone all ages from elementary schools, to high schools, to parents, to business etc. We are planning to have advertising in stores, commercials, in news papers, magazines you name it. We have donations to help others who need the money. We want to have all our customers worldwide to be satisfied and happy with their purchase and also be happy with our employees. We will always have a positive attitude and also let’s not forget we ship worldwide. Using the social media is very important, we are going to use it in a positive way, and have a plan on why and how to use it properly. We are hoping through social media to build strong relationships and become more engaged with our customers. We will update our Facebook page every three days, and our online shop every week to provide you with the best prices and products.

If a business wants to start using social media, they must have a plan, a vision of what they want to be successful with connecting with their consumers, if someone starts to use social media and had no idea how to connect with their costumers or don’t know how to use the social media tools it could end up being negative impact to their business. They must be engaged with their consumers at all time.

Here are two website to help you out with social media strategy. You will also have a better idea on how you should plan your business. 

Also, I hope this video helps as well.








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